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The industry’s most compact table-top shari mixer enables anyone to make high-quality shari without difficulty.

  • A uniquely shaped shari mixing bar was newly developed. A non-stop quest for rice mixing with controlled stickiness and unevenness.
  • Further improvement in cooling effect by an increase in blower air volume.
  • The introduction of a new rice mixing system, by which the drum is rocked like a baby cradle. Combined with the rice mixing bar, this new system helps make high-quality shari.
  • A non-Teflon drum made of a special resin*2 was introduced for the first time in the table-top rice mixer industry*1.
  • The industry’s slimmest rice mixer*3 with a width of 500mm or less was realized by removing space.


Autec machine does not used Teflon coating.  No worries about exfoliation of body surface.  It can reduce running costs due to no need for recoating.


Rice and Vinegar Mixer ASM730CE

  • Power Supply

    AC230V (ASM730CE)

    Power Consumption

    280W/60 Hz (ASM730CE)

    Capacity Approx. 3.3 Kg – 6.6 Kg
    Dimensions W 488 x D 692 x H 592 mm
    ※ Excluding the Power Cord and protruding parts
    Weight Approx. 35 kg

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