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SR-PGC54 (single-phase 200V)
SR-PGC54 A (three-phase 200V)


This rice cooker is designed to make delicious, evenly cooked rice with the help of "Umabi Diamond Inner Pot"

  • Because the pot itself produces heat, high-quality cooked rice can be consistently made using IH (induction heating)
  • Three-sided IH generates high heating power
  • The diamond-fluorine-coated inner pot transmits cooking heat effectively
  • The start timer eliminates the need of having to come earlier just for turning the rice cooker on

Commercial-use H rice cooker SR-PGC54, SR-PGC54 A

  • Capacity max. 5.4L (30 cup of rice)
    Power consumption single-phase / three-phase 200V 4.570W

    W 502mm x D 429mm x H 410mm (H 817mm when the cover is fully opened, 1.5m-long power cord)

    Weight 16.6kg (single-phase), 16kg (three-phase)

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